Tim Johnstone

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Tim Johnstone

Tim’s interest in graphics started back in school when he designed the Girrawheen SHS yearbook. Since then, he’s worked as a freelance graphic designer for over 18 years before joining the Lux team full time in 2022.

Tim is a design all-rounder, having worked on motion graphics and video-editing projects as well as digital and print design. He loves designing content for large-scale conferences and gala events well as crowd engagement activations for sports, which is where he really gets to flex his creativity.

Tim’s keenness for exploring hiking trails around Perth is balanced by his passion for anything with a screen. He’s a PC gaming enthusiast and loves to keep up to date with the latest gadgets and consumer tech.

Tim brings a good balance of fun and professionalism to the team, and he’s always up for a good laugh.

As well as being a design weapon, one of the most surprising facts about Tim is that he and his wife have an Instagram-famous pet duck named Christmas, who has nearly 20,000 Instagram followers. Don’t believe us? Check out @Christmas_the_duck

You’re welcome.

POSTED ON 13/12/2022