Rob Lizzi

Extraordinary event experiences.

Rob Lizzi

Rob found his way into this industry by mistake, and we’re glad he did. He used to hire a vision mixer to a staging company who were looking for camera operators. The rest, as they say, is history.

One of his favourite career memories was New Year’s Eve in 1999, mixing cameras on Cottesloe beach for national concert, The Last Australia Sunset, in front of 65,000 punters. The televised event was coordinated across the country, with live crosses as the sun set in each state on the final day of the 1900s.

These days, Rob doesn’t often see the final product of the events we produce. Instead, he waves the trucks off as they roll out the warehouse and welcomes them back when they roll back in hours later, usually through very tired eyes.

In his role as Operations Manager, no two days are ever the same. He gets to be a social worker, a friend, a dad, and sometimes even the bad guy. Rob’s wisdom and experience are highly valued at Lux.

Rob is passionate about sports photography and when he’s not juggling crew and logistics at the warehouse, you’ll find him on the sidelines at his local soccer club where he volunteers as the club photographer.

POSTED ON 13/12/2022