Kate Williams

Extraordinary event experiences.

Kate Williams

Kate is driven by a passion for bringing people together with magical events and experiences.

She’s always thought tech was really fun… and she’s not wrong. Working in stage management at school sparked her love for the industry and she soon realised her passion for audio and band mixing. One of Kate’s favourite moments was mixing the Beef and Beer Festival in Karratha. It was her first time mixing a festival and she nailed it.

Kate has qualifications in Music Video Production from TAFE South Australia. Five years in to her exciting career and Kate has already achieved star status within the Lux team. She’s a hard worker with a calming presence and an exemplary can-do attitude.

When she’s not mixing a Lux event she loves spending time with her dogs, fishing, cooking or playing video games. She’s also mad for four-wheel drives.

POSTED ON 13/12/2022