David Trapp

Extraordinary event experiences.

David Trapp

Dave’s in this for the goosebump moments. It’s what got him into the events industry and it’s why he’s been doing it for 30 plus years.

Dave drives much of the innovation in the business, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable creatively, with a focus on technology. His balance of creative vision and technical knowledge is invaluable in creating unique and exciting concepts for Lux clients. He’s always seen events as a way to tell stories, using light and sound to invoke emotion.

Dave’s favourite thing about his business is the team. He’s constantly inspired by a group of professionals who share a passion for what they do.

A self-proclaimed ‘simple guy’, Dave’s a proud dad who loves travel adventures and is a health and fitness machine. When he’s not suited up running a show, you’ll find him at the gym, competing in triathlons or on the rugby field.

POSTED ON 07/12/2022