Andrew Hiscox

Extraordinary event experiences.

Andrew Hiscox

Andrew brings over 28 years of experience and dad jokes to the Lux team. Known for his sublime showcraft, he leads the production team with knowledge, expertise and vast professional networks.

Andrew qualified with a degree in Production and Design majoring in Sound Production from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Since then, his skills have taken him around the world and into some very interesting situations, including events requiring permanent military escort in Beijing and the 1997 Pacific Rim Forum, which took place in Hong Kong as Great Britain handed back Hong Kong to China. He was working in Sydney during the hype of the 2000 Olympics and has driven production for the annual Diggers and Dealers Forum for over 26 years. One of his biggest career thrills includes calling the show for One Big Voice, an event that saw 15,000 participants amass inside RAC Arena.

Andrew loves the culture, event diversity and people at Lux, not to mention the top notch gear. He was initially drawn to this industry because of the technology and how fast it was evolving. It was the beginning of digital sound and video editing, video switching and the convergence of slide projection and video projection for business events.

Outside work, Andrew loves his shed. Woodworking and DIY projects make him a happy man, especially if it means creating a better home for his family. He’s also an expert on 80s alternative music, a collector of records and loves his HIFI.

POSTED ON 12/12/2022