Amy Friel

Extraordinary event experiences.

Amy Friel

Amy gave up her dream of becoming a marine biologist because she is scared of seaweed. That’s a good thing because it freed her up to become an absolute gun in the events industry.

Hailing from Northern Ireland, she fell in love with events after attending her very first concert – Westlife. Swept up by the lights and atmosphere of the 90s boy band movement, she made it her mission to make people feel the same joy she did in that moment.  Since then, Amy earned a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Leisure and Event Management from Ulster University in Northern Ireland and has worked across multiple event disciplines, including corporate, large scale, outdoor and concerts. Coordinating hot air balloons and fireworks simultaneously over a sea of tall ships for millions of spectators is the kind of stuff that gets Amy fired up.

Amy’s energy is matched with her approachability and good humour and she brings a wealth of international experience to the team.  Amy once organised a roadshow with seven events across five cities in two countries with three weeks lead time – a true testament to her expertise, agility and diligence.

She’s a movie buff, a tea expert and an illusionist (wears active wear to get coffee). She’s passionately opposed to banana’s and once illustrated a children’s book, which is ironic because she can’t draw.

POSTED ON 13/12/2022