Aisha Alhaija

Extraordinary event experiences.

Aisha Alhaija

Hailing from Alabama in the USA, Aisha is one of our elite event all-rounders, with a focus on lighting. 

Her passion for music and live performance led to studies in Tech Theatre, which made her fall in love with the biz. After working on some small gigs, Aisha went on to earn an Applied Sciences degree in Electrical Technology. She started working with the Local Union Electrician in the US where she learned a raft of skills that she uses every day in her role. 

Aisha loves the challenges, the people and the ability to be part of making someone’s experience memorable through the art of events; an industry that has taken her around the world. Some of her favourite events she’s worked on include The Solar Eclipse Festival in Exmouth, Mumford and Sons and Fleetwood Mac. 

When she’s not lighting concerts, she’s at them, or outside enjoying the Australian lifestyle with her mates. 

POSTED ON 06/07/2023