Shining the Light 2021

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Shining the Light 2021

Shining the Light 2021

Elizabeth Quay
January 2021

Water Screen Projection
Experiential Installations
Show Curation
Event Management
Operations and logistics

A captivating water projection showcase in conjunction with the Australia Day 2021 celebration.

Yarning Together
This water projection showcase shines the light on the story of the Whadjuk Nyoongar People starting with the dreamtime moment of creation. Elders share stories of courage and resilience during the time of colonisation, and then shine the light towards a brighter more inclusive future.

Immersive Exhibition
A wonderful immersive exhibition of light installations, accompanied by live performances and art, telling the diverse Australian stories.


Multimedia | Fireteller
Photography and Videography | Fireteller
Aboriginal Consultant | Rose Walley